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Swap Meet July 28

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Swap Meet Lexington Ky & Farmers Market "Fastest Growing Swap Meet In Ky"

Chicken & small animal swap meet in Lexington , Ky

WHEN : July 28 8:00 am to ? (from 1st crow to last peck)

WHAT: Bring your Poultry & poultry related items
country eggs (white & brown) will be there for sale

WHERE: Merchants Mall in Lexington!
1820 Bryan Station Rd
Hi-Acres Shopping Center
Contact Jr Dailey 859-559-1794
For all poultry updates check here viewforum.php?f=74
This swap meet will be held last Sat of every month till Nov..

Plenty of Room & set up space
food vendors on site

haveing people call wanting :
OEG mottled & milli fleur ,spangles
Beligan rose comb black bantams
big stock chickens
this swap adv on several web site and haveing a big responce
food & rest rooms on the grounds

"These will be there for sale"
OEG Miller Fleur
pair of brown reds oeg
several pair of oeg
big stock

Come out and enjoy a small animal swap meet July 28 2012 at 8:00 am until everybody leaves this is a great location there are plenty of places to park and plenty of places for sellers to setup. Come out and support your local farmers.Don't have to drive 40 miles to make a deal you can deal right here at this swap meet where prices are great if you are buying saleing or trading bring your chickens, ducks, peacocks, pigeons, doves, goose, geese. Goslings, rabbits, baby goats, grown goats, game chickens, quail, or anything else I forgot to mention. This swap draws buyers & sellers from several counties here in KY. Come out and enjoy the morning with us. If rain or ?? call..859-559-1794. all ready getting calls about a lot of poultry & small animals for this weeks swap..
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Sold 10 & bought 5 so I have 5 less :lol:
sold 4 more this am ;)
sold 3 today I am on a roll ;)
CAREFUL wouldn't want you to run Out!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Last week was good for me. Sold 3 Orps on Wed. and 4 Orps on Thursday. So...not a bad week and I am incubating 16 eggs for a customer. How's everyone else doing?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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