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T20 TVO Zenith Carb problem

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Can anyone help me please
I have a T20D TVO Fergie and I have no throttle control. When I start it the engine races.I know that I need to adjust the various rods which control the govenor etc and I have a workshop manual which explains this however some of the problem stems from the carb. There is a spring which attaches the govenor rod to the carb. I think that this is wrong as I have found pictures on the web which indicate that the connection is a short rod, Can you confirm that I am correct and that the spring connection is wrong. Also are there any short cuts or tricks in setting up the carb and govenor or is it just a matter of following the instructions in the workshop manual?
Thanks in advance
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If you have the manual just follow the instructions and make sure the carb is clean when you start.. let us know how it turns out.. ;)
i agree.. disconnect the carb from the gov, set it manually at mid throttle. now you can play with throttle and gov and see what it is trying to do to the linkage to the carb..
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