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tappet oil pipe unstyled AR or A

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Can anyone tell me how the oil gets from the where the oil gauge is on the governor to the tappet oil pipe that goes from the governor to the valve cover.

I am getting oil to the pressure gauge (enough to read M when hand cranking, H+ when running), but no oil is going to the tappets. The pipe is dry, but there was sign of oil at the governor end Looking at the parts book, I do not see any oil lines (unless drilled) inside the governor itself.

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is there any oil on the valve cover?

On my 60, the oil is carried in a port of the cylinder jacket. One of the studs for the head carries the flow up.
This is the image for the parts for my tractor.

It does not show the cylinder block carrying the oil. Just that there are (5) #4 connectors delivering the oil. Where #3 is the oiler for the valves.

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Thanks. The unstyled A's and AR's do not have the "T" oil line for the tappets. Oil goes to the governor near or at the oil gauge, then somehow through the governor and out a pipe to the valve cover. There was a hint of oil at the governor end of the tppet-valve cover pipe, but the inside of the pipe was dry.
Ok I looked up your parts list. PC0675.PDF on the john deere applet. I gather yours is the top image.

According to the list either it is the #12 (pipe oil governor) or #14 ( oil pump discharge )

Does that help you any?
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It is #12 that goes to the governor and oil gauge. Somehow the oil in the governor gets to the pipe that goes to the rockerarm (tappet) cover. Not to be confused with the vent pipe that goes to the air intake.

I don't want to have tear her down to take the governor off only to find nothing in there.
The older oils used paraffin as a part of the lubricating compound. On Model T Fords they were notorious for running out of lubrication to the front bearing because of the use of paraffin. If your not aware of paraffin, its canning wax. With out pressure the paraffin would create clogged arteries. Just a suspicion you might have a paraffin blockage on your delivery tube.

The safe way is to take that tube off and see if you can blow through it. If you cant that would be the reason your valves are starving for oil. My guess is that the oil delivery to your valves is kind of a drain to the governor with an overflow. With that tube blocked the oil is merely overflowing back into the case.

The unsafe way is to warm that tube with a torch. Unsafe is because if you have a fuel leak and you go warming that tube with a torch, well you just set fire to your tractor.
Thanks. I too suspect that the oil is an "overflow". The tube is not blocked, and there was a sign of oil at the tube enterance. I am wondering if perhaps the tube was too far into the governor thus not readily open (hopeful thinking). I think tomorrow if I get time I'll leave the valve cover off, fire it up, and see if any oil comes out the governor.
when I had my oil pump out of my model A I believe I saw a little tube feeding the governor from the underside inside the crankcase.

my mind is decaying but I think the pipe that feeds the governor is directly from the oil pump in the base of the crankcase
Yes, you are correct and it feeds the governor and the oil gauge which is on the back side of the governor. I am trying to figure out why no oil is getting to the discahrge hole on the front of the governor, yet there is good oil prssure at the gauge.
The oil pressure is only 3-5 psi at medium and 8 psi at high.

If your only getting pressure at the gauge, to me it says you need to take apart the governor and give it a good cleaning.
Yes, there is a tube from the oil filter to the governor and the ngauge ... but I have oil pressure at the gauge which is attached to the governor so it must be ok. I guess I will just have to take the crankcase cover off and using mirrors see what I can see ... if that fails I will have to take of the governor (a lot mor compicated!)
Resolved! There is an oil hole drilled into the governor case just behind the oil gauge (see copper wire in photo). In some cases it is in a different location downstream from the oil gauge (see white circle in photo). Many thanks to a gentleman who writes for green magazine.
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