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That John Deere came home.......

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Well we got the tractor and the bill.......last weekend I rode it the hour home with a bent wobbling rim all the way. Thel was happy's the pic's and yes she is steering it here...I'll work on the clutching part with her next

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Stephenscity said:
Glad you got her home!!! Looking good: Boy they grow up fast!!!
Yep they sure do....this little one is ALL business when it comes to tractors
osly71 said:
NICE looking ride I wish the B I drug home a few weeks ago looked like that!
Thanks and I'm sure it will soon...I'm sure it will eventually look better :D
missouri massey man said:
I musta missed something Derick, Is this the same 'A' or another one you found ???
Thats the A I bought last October
I am so proud of my girls its hard to express....its not all for their ability o handle the tractors so well either, its for understanding what they mean. My girls both know why tractors exist, they know that they helped to grow ythe food that feeds us, they know that some of our tractors were used in the very fields that surround our home. Most importantly they respect them for what they can and cant do, my girls know they arent toys and that can kill if used improperly. They both drive them with a good amount of skill and the utmost respect, they are proud that they can handle this old iron and you can see it in their faces in the videos I post. When you consider that they are only 5 and 7 right now....I have to be the proudest father I know :D
My girls get supervised computer time for kids games, mostly educational but some fun but no cell phones no game boys or hand held stuff at this point. Theres too much to see in this beautiful world to get lost in a screen, I'm very happy with my girls scholastically and common sense wise. I asked Thel today if she was saving her money to buy another John Deere and she replied no. I asked her if she wanted to buy me out on the A or be partners? She said we should be partners until I teach her how to drive it completely and maybe then she would, but she preffered to stay partners. I wanted to cry I was so happy :)
1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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