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I am a horrible example of how to do firewood but my friend Gary did it the right way. Gary had a full time job that generated a lot of overtime for him in the busy summer season so he mostly took compensating time off in the other three seasons. Besides hunting, fishing and gardening he did firewood for three households. His schedule in the late winter early spring was very flexible so he fell and blocked after the traditional late crust formed on the deep snow. This allowed him to move around easily but not be in danger of dulling his saw on the ground. At this time he would also pile the blocks up in convenient piles to be split on cold mornings after the worst of the snow was gone. When the frost was gone but before the blackflies hit he would return and pile the split wood. Those piles then sat for about 16 months and were moved to his basement storeage in the fall before the second year for burning. Many a year I helped him sweep his steel chimney but we rarely got more than a handful of soot out of it. Gary is now in his seventies and with his parents and sister gone he only cuts firewood for his own household. He has switched to loads of logs and a hydraulic splitter but he still does wood when the days are cool before the bugs and lets it season for 18 months.
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