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The Monsterasouras

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as it's been dubbed by my brother's grandson. ;)
1970 Ford 3400 industrial
735 loader attachment
750 backhoe attachment.
Started it's working life digging graves around Dayton, OH, for about the first 22 years.
Then it was sold to a Nursery in South Lebanon, OH, where it mostly loaded mulch, and ocassionally dug trees, for 20 years.
The story I was told when I bought it, and with what I see have no reason to doubt, is that two (and a half, now) years ago, the old hoe need some attention.
They rented a Bobcat to use while they repaired the old Ford. The engine and hydraulic pump were rebuilt and a rebuilt rear end (differental) was put on, as time permitted.
During the process of rebuilding the old Ford they bought the Bobcat. Once done they rarely used the backhoe, perfering the Bobcat, and having quit growing their own trees to sell.
So she sat for a year or better before they decided to sell it.

Looks a bit different now, It's in the shed with all it's skin off, and seatless.
New parts installed to make it daily useable. Been procrastinating ordering new grill parts,
before I put the sheet metal back on, and still wating for my bride to make seats.
A family emergency took us away from things for the past couple of months but we will get back in order.
Soon she'll be ready to start her third job, keeping up a farm.
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Lookin forward to see all the repairs done. I know your gonna get alot of use out of this one.
"wow" what a fun job restoring/working on that tractor. I'm envious. I sure could use a tractor like that around my place, digging, trenching etc. etc.
them there old fords are a great old beast , very hard to beat .
you should be well served with her .
there is a guy up the road who has one , he did not kill it yet .he has been known to tear a blade of a bull dozer .
Verrry nice old rig. You'll find it invaluable around the place. Don't know how I did without one before. Oh yeah, yours is nicer...
Nice looking rig even though it is a dinosaur. ;)
What happend to this forum Dave??? Went black for a few days. Anyway big news for me in NJ. I found the 750 attachment for my 3400 and Im excited to get to work attaching that sucker. I've been on the hunt for it now for aboout 5 years and finally came accross one 100 miles from me on a tractor with a blown motor. What luck, was about to sell mine because i could not locate the hoe. I'll post some pictures when i get my own monsterasouras digging. Chris
It was having age problems, then a straw broke the tractors hitch. ;)
The owner and his help tried their best to save the old, then get a new format in place so quickly.
So, anyway, glad you got back. With great news, to boot. :D
If you get a chance post some progress photos while you're mounting the hoe attachment.
Hey Dave I noticed you posted a chart about tire ballast. I was told by ford mechanic not to fill the rear tires if i have the hoe attached because too much weight will blow the rear. What do you think?
The tire weight isn't carried by the rear, so why would it matter? Just me thinking. That's a dangerous thing!(my thinking)
I haven't heard that, it would have more to do with moving and stopping that much more weight, other than supporting it.
I have heard that the 3000 chassis, was just heavy enough to make a TLB.(tractor, loader, backhoe)
I can't see needing anymore weight to push around, and stop, than what's already there.
With that much weight hanging off the back, I don't foresee needing any extra ballast.
I just have to remember that my front bucket is more for loading, and moving, than digging. ;)
Big Dave ,be sure to post pics when you get to work that big Monsterasouras thing.

bikerdave said:
The tire weight isn't carried by the rear, so why would it matter? Just me thinking. That's a dangerous thing!(my thinking)
I agree with Dave. Tire ballast is weight on the ground, not on the axle or tire. (just me trying to think like Dave) :?
I have a couple/few 4000 HD industrials and even with the hoes 12'/14' they tend to be a little light in the rear and loose traction. Sure if you ride around with the hoe extended you'll pickup traction but nobodys goin to do that. I've added HD pie weights to one of mine. The HD pies for the 24" rims are getting harder to come by and they ain't cheap$$$. Another option is to add chains if you need more traction. I have a set for one of the HD's but put them on one of the light Ind for snowplowing.

Kirk you don’t think extra weight will affect the rear? Leave the calcium and water in the tires or drain? Thanks, Chris
Might want to get rid of the calcium so you don't eat your rims up if ya get a leak. I put used antifreeze in mine. Free at most auto repair shops since they have to pay to have it hauled away.
I don't like CalC in the tires myself and would prefer wheel weights even though I still have some that are loaded and I have plenty that are already rotted thru. It seem they all leak after time. Once it show up on the outside it's usually pretty bad on the inside.
Chris I would try it just with the hoe and see what kind of traction you get unless the tires are already loaded. I would think loaded tires on an industrial shouldn't cause a problem.

Only thing I have to say about calcium is you better be using a tube. After working at Complete Tire, I got to see first hand how long that solution we pumped in would eat a rim with the bosses painted 8n rims.
Yup rusting thru around the air valves. Not long before the leak air. Always something. Hey any tractor haulers out there in northeast PA or north NJ?
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