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Guy calls our home phone yesterday, Kare is on the computer so call wave takes the call and records the message.
Fellow says he has a swarm of bees in a tree and would I come and get them?
Kare comes out where I was cleaning some equpiment with the phone number so I call the guy back. It goes to voice mail so I leave a message to call my cell. Soon the phone rings and this guy is there with the swarm in the tree. I ask if they had been sprayed and he said he had called the exterminater who told him they were honey bees and Michigan has a law he can't spray them.
I ask how high up they are and he says 7 or 8 feet is where they are going in the tree. GOING in the tree? Yes they have been there for a while now but I sold my house tha the buyers have some young boys so I worry about them. Every time I drive my pick up or lawn tractor by the tree the bees come boiling out. The tree it turns out is right beside his drive way but on his neighbours property.
He is bound and determined I am going to get those bees not leave a trap out hive there and can't cut the tree down.

I told him couldn't be done by me any way and since it was his neighbours tree they may want the bees.

While I was mowing the lawn latter in the day he calls 3 times and leaves a message to call him. I call him back and he is wanting me to come and spray the bees since I have the bee keeping gear. I tell him I am not in the kill the bee bussiness so won't do it. Besides as I told you before it is your neighbours bee tree so you have no rights to kill them. I will talk to the neighbour he says and call you back. I tell him I will give him the same answer I won't touch those bees unless the trees owner calls me.
I tell him if some one call some body to remove bees off my property it would be come a Hatfield and McCoy thing as I would just burn them out if they fooled with MY BEES.

:D Al
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