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thiefs in my pumkin patch

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i have this thief that keeps raiding the pumkin patch, He comes in the day and in the night and brings His friends with him often

if he dont quit this i will be forced to shoot him! ;)

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Not good in the pumpkin patch but they make a beautiful picture in God's big outdoor world.
yes i agree and i will not shoot the big ones this year i will arvest some 2 year olds for meat and let a couple of these slide far another tear or two, i just hope they stay at home when the season opens because here are those who will put then down at this age and size
Deer will destroy a pumpkin patch. If you have power the best thing I have found to repel them is a motion detector with a plug on it. I plug in a light and when they get used to that a radio, sometimes I switch stations (like from music to talk radio) Late in the season if deer pressure is real high I may use both the light and the radio. Just make sure to turn it off as soon as you harvest or the will get used to it.
As they are coming out in the daylight the light may not be much use.
Another varmint surprizing enough when we do have watermelons here is the coyote :? ;)
Take no prisioners! A way to enjoy your punkins is to eat the deer that is eating them. Melvin, a neighbor is having a time of coyotes destroying his melons. It's almost too hard to believe.
Yessir Jim Centerfire Law does apply here :lol: :lol: Guess the coyote is most any where in North America now.
mgood said:
Yessir Jim Centerfire Law does apply here :lol: :lol: Guess the coyote is most any where in North America now.
We have plenty of 'em here Melvin. I have had them come out of the woods near me in the daytime. There is lots of urbanization here, and they have been in cities and towns. We often hear them behind the house along the creek bottom at night. We have to work about as hard to keep varmints out of our stuff as we do to grow it.
Oh yeah, we have cougars too. We thank NC Wildlife for that.
We have some idiot woman at Hollister thats trying to circulate a petition for the game dept to re introguce the big grey wolf to Red River; she's not getting any where with it either. No cowman wants the big grey feeding on calves. They also will eat a punkin or melon. By far the biggest threat here is in form of the growing population of wild hogs; another vegetable, crop, and cowpasture menace; and very dangerous to boot.
They make a nice casserole. :)
Red Kiwi said:
They make a nice casserole. :)
Now that's what I am talkin' about :!: :D
Nice looking deer and yes they can destroy a pumpkin patch or anything else. My pumpkins are behind a 7 foot fence. Coyotes are also here and seem to like cats. We've lost a few that we think became coyote food. Vern
You sure do have some nice ones. They'll make for a good hunting season.
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