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Dear Lord please help me to remember today that you are
with me and no matter what happens ,we can Handle it together.

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Betty your post's always pick me up and set my heart exactly where it needs to be and that would be with God. Thank you and others on ATF for the periodic kind words. I have not been very nice in thanking you'all for being there in my trying hours of grief. Every day gets alittle bit better, this hot weather sure hasn't helped much, kinda just tires a person out. I continue to make and sell art's & crafts but the stock has been cut in half with Georgie being gone and she was the graphic artist and on many items the designer.
I have learned from you Betty and hope you do not mind me plagerizing on some of your good nature. In my opinion your runner up is Ron K.
Thanks all, Dave
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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