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Tomato trellis

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Instead of staking or usung tomato cages,a friend of my uses catlle panels as a trellis for the tomatoes. He drives T post in the ground and wire ties the panels to the posts. Tomatoes grow up through the panel. Will give this a try next year. Panels store a lot nicer than cages. :D
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Im using hog panels this year for the first time, so far so good
I have used them for pole beans. makes them easy to pick.
I california weave my tomatoes. see the pics In a first for me in May farther down in crops
I plant my tomatoes in big black tree pots and use concrete wire to make cages about 18" around 4' tall. The plant grows out through the wire and about 6' tall, easy to pick....James
I am lazy I just take old fencing and plant on both sides in a row They sorta weave themselves in and out,

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