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Toowoomba Annual Rally

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We had our annual vintage festival here in Toowoomba recently. The theme this year was "All things British" and unfortunately, the weather was a bit that way too with drizzily showers during Saturday. How-ever Sunday was a plesant day.
Here are a few photos from the week-end.
Super Dexta take on a new meaning when you check out the engine! My David Brown 50TD and Fordson in the background
[attachment=2:3st282wt]IMG_0059 [800x600].JPG[/attachment:3st282wt]

My 1935 Fordson N & 5TD
[attachment=1:3st282wt]IMG_0060 [800x600].JPG[/attachment:3st282wt]

A 1911 International Titan on our tractor pull
[attachment=0:3st282wt]IMG_0093 [800x600].JPG[/attachment:3st282wt]

More photos to come
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My Case 930 Western Special 6 speed on the pull
[attachment=2:3dxoldcn]IMG_0096 [800x600].JPG[/attachment:3dxoldcn]

A Series 3 Field Marshall on the pull
[attachment=1:3dxoldcn]IMG_0112 [800x600].JPG[/attachment:3dxoldcn]

A pidgeon pair of David Browns - my 50TD and a 50D. Many components were shared between these 2 tractors
[attachment=0:3dxoldcn]IMG_0123 [800x600].JPG[/attachment:3dxoldcn]
Some of the English cars that were on show along with a local made yellow Holden Ute
[attachment=2:q93o63st]IMG_0104 [800x600].JPG[/attachment:q93o63st]

A nicely restored David Brown Cropmaster
[attachment=0:q93o63st]IMG_0122 [800x600].JPG[/attachment:q93o63st]

My 930 & 50TD loaded up heading home on a local tilt bed truck
[attachment=1:q93o63st]IMG_0126 [800x600].JPG[/attachment:q93o63st]

Looks a bit damp. Hope all that attended had a good time.
The old Titan pulling the sled it just too cool. :cool:
I liked all the pictures. Neighbor has a 930 Case Western. Have driven it some but he has a 930 little fender that is the real work horse of the farm. Love driving those big units. They don't call them Comfort Kings for nothing!
Thanks for sharing! Love the Case 930 :D
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