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I make generic very playable toy tractor trailer sets. Other toys also, please set my website for more information. Ideas are also VERY welcome!

Here is Vehicle Transport Tractor Toy Toy vehicle
an example. I can personalize them as this one is. I also make a 5th wheel steer wagon; but it is not as durable as the tandem ones are.
Flatbed trailers are also available; although harder to personalize. I even make a "popper" type of tractor if that is your preference. The name on the sample is cut and then added, not painted on.

Color choices are yours, I currently do not make wide front ones to keep them more playable.

These are not patterned and do vary considerably from one to another. All are hand made, one at a time---ABSOLUTELY NO CLONES--

If any one is interested; As tomorrow is Nov 1; I can still get about 3 sets made before Christmas.
Below is a link to my website.
Shipping is expensive; so I will ship at actual cost + 10% for postal trip packing etc. I also will meet VERY locally to deliver free.

If it is not what you want; I will take it back; refund your money etc.except the cost for postal.
I can be reached by texting at 971 258 8040 -- I will return contact within a few hours. I do not carry the phone, but check it several times a day.
Message or email for more details. Email works best [email protected]

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