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when we did Tam's lil 20 we needed decent side panels and couldnt find any so we decided to make our own. so today since its rainy and crumby out i decided to make up another set just for fun and to show how we did it.

1st was to cut the blanks on a plasma table. i use 20ga instead of the 22ga that origanaly was used.

then i bent the top on the brake press and make the 90* bend around the radious with the bead roller

then i changed the dies on the roller and make the J channel for the wire

wire is in the j channel and cloed it up with the roller. only thing left to do is drill the holes and weld on the hinges

heres the outside

these are the other home made panels already on and painted, no bondo either :D

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Great shots and words of how you made these excellent looking replacement panels!
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