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Tractors at Gatton, Qkd

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Ford tractors at the Heavy Vehicle & Machinery Show held at Gatton this week-end. Featured this year were Kenworth trucks and Fodrson tractors. About 30 Fordsons and 20 other tractors were on show on Saturday.

E27N half track

My 1935 Fordson N - also oldest Fordson on show.

E27n crawler, Perkins P6 powered

E27N fittet with a mechanical lift Moore loader

Ford Galaxy in front of the tractors

Some truck photos will follow in the next couple of days hopefully.
Please enjoy!
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I love that Galaxie 500, reminds me of the one Dad had from the time I was 6 'til I was 15.
His was yellow and had chrome skirts as high and behind the rear wheel wells to the bumper.
With the 390 c.i.d. engine in it, that old car would get up and move. ;)
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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