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Turner Hay Press

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Well i always mentioned i had a hay press lying out in the woods and i thought it was a JD. I went and took a look the other day (FINALLY)

First of all this thing has been here for ages. it is sunk pretty far in the ground. but still saveable other than all the rims are probably shot because of it lol. Also seems a tree recently fell on it but it did not do any damage. A quick search and i figured the brand out. It was NOT a JD, but a turner hay press. I am going to try and run over there with the 1050, a hay fork and a chain saw sometimes soon and see if i can get it out of there. It is certainly interesting.

Can anyone tell me anything about this thing? I dont have any numbers or anything off of it yet but i did notice it looks like it had rubber tires on it and a PTO shaft as well so that might be a clue as to how old. Also does anyone happen to know what colors to paint this? pictures soon
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Does it look anything like this? I found this when I was trying to ID one.
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Well it is more like the type that just sits in one place and you have to feed the hay to it by hand.

Didn't Get to go get it yet. maybe sometimes soon
Dug up some pictures id taken more recently. Some i posted before some not

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How it sits at the moment. Havent done anything with it but it is safe from the thieves that would have got it eventually where my great grandpa had left it all those years ago
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