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Two Cylinder John Deere Oiling

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I'm looking for help from anyone who is familiar with the oiling system on a 1947 John Deere Model M.
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I'm looking for help from anyone who is familiar with the oiling system on a 1947 John Deere Model M.
Ok, I guess that was too vague to draw any responders.

The issue is that my John Deere Model M engine (I've tried 2 different pumps) won't prime and build oil pressure. Has anyone seen this as an issue with their antique two cylinder JD engine ? I've inspected both pumps and neither shows any extensive wear to the gears, shaft nor body.
BTW, the engine is freshly rebuilt. The bearings are properly indexed to allow the oil to pass through the bearings and crank internal passages. I blew air through all of those. It just seems the pumps won't prime. Is there a trick I have overlooked to prime the system.
Have you tried different oil pressure gauge to rule out a faulty gauge?
May not be the problem, but it does happen.
One thing I've done is take a hand pump spot sprayer (you can get them at any farm or garden store) and adapt the hose to a pipe fitting that will thread into the oil gauge hole. Unscrew your oil pressure gauge and thread in the hose to the sprayer. Fill the sprayer with a couple quart of motor oil. Pump the tank up with the plunger to pressurize it. It will push oil through all the oil passages. I know my MT does't build much for oil pressure until its warmed up. I know on our Allis WD we have to run a fram filter. We ran a napa filter on it once and it wouldn't register any oil pressure.
Well after disassembly and repair I finally figured out what was going on. To save myself some typing, I'm goig to copy and paste a summary of a bad experience with a local machine shop.

Posted: Tue Jul 14, 2020 4:29 pm Post subject: Stay Away from National Machines - Olympia WA
Paul does not back his work!

I had Paul rebuild an antique (1947) John Deere engine. Phone quoted me $1600 and charged me $2495. Mind you this is a 2 cyl engine. Got the engine back in the tractor and discovered it wasn't making oil pressure. Took the engine back to him for another $480 worth of trouble shooting and repairs from the dry start damage.

I tore the engine down on my own and did some oil pressure diagnosticcs before restating it and discovered that he had made a critical reassembly error that allow the oil to just dump back into the oil sump. The engine would never have made oil pressure.

Now he is ignoring my request to make this right?

Paul's shop is not a good place to take your engine repair business!!
If you are interested in more information, log onto "Yesterday's Tractors - John Deere forum".
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I was just wondering if you ever found a solution to your oiling problem. I have a 48 "M" and it gets little oil to the head on the initial start while it is still cold. After the engine has been up to operating temp for a few minutes, it gets a very steady drop coming out of the front of the rocker's arm assembly, in correlation to the fan. I don't know if it is supposed to build up inside of the tube and go up over the rocker arm.
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