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Outsourcing continues. We can't do it here. Might destroy a woodpecker or dislocate a creek critter. The list grows...
Drill for oil
Mine Coal
Build Nuclear Power Plants
And many, many more.

Our unemployment rate is what :?: :shock: For how many years now :?: Government assistance has grown by what prcentage overthe last 3 years :?: :shock: How many new gubbermint workers havebeen hired the last three years to administer this :?: :shock: Just a few concerns that seem to fit in here.

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Our daughter works in management for the North American Division of an International Construction Company headquartered in Holland. The company has not been able to get any major bid awards in the U.S. in the last few years, but it does have several projects in China and other parts of Asia. Daughter doesn't want to go there, so she is working projects in Canada where there are quite a few projects.

Her last U.S. project was a bridge in the southeast U.S. They initially hired all of the local workers that they could get - but they proved to be nearly worthless on the job and had a very high absentee rate that caused all kinds of problems with the construction project. They ended up hiring mostly Mexicans (supposedly with valid green cards) that could actually do some work.

U.S. parents, schools and society has failed to instill a work ethic in the majority of the younger generation, which is going to make an economic recovery very difficult. Unfortunately, quite a number of that generation have found their way into government positions.

Thank God for the small percentage of young people that are being raised right. It's not an easy problem to solve.

To sum it up, I guess that we should say: "We have met the enemy - and he is us!"
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