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Unstyled A question

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Have a question about a 1936 A. Has been restored but am having an issue with one of the front rims (hub) coming in contact with the pedestal. They are round spoke but are not original as the rear are (F&H) but have been welded to the rim. The restorer said that the rims are not matches as the one in question was from a D and the other from an A. Visually I cannot see any difference in the 2 other than the hub on the one not giving trouble has about a 1/4 inch space between the pedestal and the hub and the other has no space at all. Is the restorer correct and the one rim will have to be replaced or is there some kind of spacers missing from the axil that would correct the problem. Looked at the parts book but could not tell what went where. Sorry about the length of post.
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Rims may look the same but have different offsets. As you know, ¼ to ½ inch makes a big difference.

The best way to fix this is to get the correct wheels.
Other ways are as follows:

Put a ¼ inch spacer between the inside wheel bearing and the back of the spindle.
Know that this may cause grease to come out from the back of the spindle and the grease seal.

Put the wheel in a press and press the center out just enough so that when mounted it will clear. Just maybe when whoever welded it they were off just that much.

Let us know how you resolved this please.
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