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RFD-TV is overjoyed to announce that Classic Tractors from
31 states and traveling distances of 600, 800 and over 1,000 miles
will join us and be a part of history and help the United States command the World Record for the “Largest Parade of Classic tractors”.

Have you Pre-Registered your Classic Tractor or Classic Garden Tractor?
If not, you still have time!
Go to:

We need less than 100 Classic Tractors, not only to claim the World Record but also overshadow the previous record set in Germany in 2008.

RFD-TV has extended the deadline for the “Largest Parade of Classic Tractors” to August 20th, to accommodate recent changes which are listed below.


The recent changes that have been made to the original schedule to make it more convenient for participants are:
Originally the Classic Tractor Check-In times were Friday (8/24) 6am – 9am and Saturday (8/25) 6am – 9am and removal of tractors was after 9pm on Saturday and Sunday.

The updated Check-in & Departure schedule is now:
• Classic Tractors may check in on Friday (8/24) 6am – 7pm & Saturday(8/25) 6am – 9am.
• Classic Tractors may now depart from the display ANY time after the parade, in order to better serve the participants various schedules.
**All Classic Tractors MUST be in place for the parade by 9:00am on Saturday

• Guinness World Records has verified that Classic Garden Tractors, 30 years or older will qualify for the record attempt.

New deadline to submit a registration form is August 20th.

RFD-TV asks for your assistance in spreading the word of these new updates and to help encourage new participants!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at [email protected] or direct line 402 – 614 – 9886.

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