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View of Show Grounds from the Tower

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A local auctioneer is the official show announcer, and his "office" is in the tower overlooking the grounds.

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Thats neat, get urself some binoculars and see the whole thing up close without walking :)
Good photos, I love the 'duck' train. :D
Red Kiwi said:
Good photos, I love the 'duck' train. :D
The duck train runs early, often, and late into the show. If memory is correct, it is provided by a local Lions Club.
Great vantage point, I too love the duck train..
I love them pictures and what a nice place to have a show. looks like a great turn out Jim ;)
JR, I heard some news yesterday that is saddening if true. The farm where the show was held was sold about a month ago. I am gonna confirm this with another neighbor or two just to be sure. I was told that the buyer agreed to let the show go on for this year. In the show program, the buyer is noted as a major sponsor just as the last few years. Several announcements were made during the show thanking this sponsor and sort of hinting that future shows are hoped for, but never certain.

Part of the farm was sold to this buyer a few years ago. I was talking to a farm family member that married into the family about some things that could be done to help preserve it. She knows I have been fighting these issues for years, but was reluctant to talk much. She kept telling me whom in the family I should ask. That in itself kinda puzzled me.

But now it kinda makes sense. There is a major new road and widening of an existing road that many of us have been fighting for years that may be built in the future near or through the farm. The buyer, sometimes partnering with 2 to 3 other firms has bought hundreds of acres of land and is speculating on the future intentions of local governments that involve commercially and industrially developing the area around the airport. It's a mess.

The major player in all of this is the owner of the company that cleaned up the destruction from the 9/11 attacks. His pockets are very deep. It's sad that he is doing this based upon his wealth provided by taxpayers, and later no doubt will ask for tax incentives to develop his property and recruit businesses all while destroying many people's homes and lives.
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