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Voltage Regulator 3000

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Part No: D0NN10505A appears to be the right one for my 3000. I am getting prices from $25 online to $85 local NAPA. Any advice? My Lucas genny has just been checked and is working good, so I am not ready to go the alternator route yet.
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I had the same thing here looking for one for my 8N. Wound up getting it through my local ford dealer for $30. Hope it will be OK. Napa must have gold points in there's :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: They wanted $82 for mine.
That's the right one. I just replaced the one on my 3400. I was told by souNdguy, before you replace it check and make sure the contact arms aren't sticking at the pivots.
It's a common problem on those regulators he said. I opted for the Napa one because it was redesigned with the contacts on the relay armatures, so no sticky pivot problem, and it is U.S. made.
At least some of the cheaper ones I'm told are direct copies of the original, and would be more prone to give you problems of contacts sticking in the future.
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