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Hello all, I am thinking about using a VPN for the first time, and have been doing my research and reading up on them pretty extensively online, as well as in this forum, in order to educate myself on them. My search in this forum shows quite a bit of threads, but they are all outdated, so I am asking for some guidance here in helping to choose the best VPN.

If one were living in the United States and doing a lot of torrenting, what would you guys say would be the best VPN for that person to use? Ideally looking for something that is extremely safe and secure, won't throttle network speeds, and is compatible with Mac OS, Windows, and Android.

In doing some research on my own on VPNs to try to educate myself on them and learn, the ones that I have seen mentioned favorably a lot are: NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and AirVPN.

Which would you guys recommend as the best VPN, and why? Thanks in advance for your help.
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