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Wanting to get a restoration business going, any advise?

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looking for someone to partner with. my business would consist or restoration of tractors and mowers 1959 and older, possibly some newer larger machines from time to time. I have a small 25x10 garage, but I would hopefully find a larger heated shop to work out of. any suggestions or tips on how to get started?
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A few suggestions: First you need to find the partner you're hoping for. The next thing is having enough capital to get the business up and running and whether it would be a viable business . Do your sums, that's the most important thing. Would the business be in the right location to get it up & running.?
i was goin to do resto's also, problem i found is most folks that grew up with old tractors also know how to paint them. so i ended up with more repair work then anything. during the winter old tractors dont break cause there tucked away in sheds so it gets slow. to fill in slow times i keep one resto project goin at all time and biuld tractor panels to sell at swapmeets and whoever walks threw the door
First off I think it is great that you want to get started early on your own venture. The model for business is always need. Is there a need or want for what you are offering. One way to check this is draw a circle on the map of your area and is there a business of what you are wanting to do within that area of about 100 miles? If not then odds are there is not!I think Wizzard hit on something remember old tractors for most is a hobby so they are wanting to do the work themselves. But always remember nothing beats a try but a failure!Good luck and diversifacation is always the key!!!
What wiz said! I tried it on the side, seems like eons ago now. Couldnt make enough on restorations so I started doing repairs. Buggest problem I had was I was having to go get them, fix them and then take it back. Was wearing out my truck hauling them, and in some cases had to hire it out. Started affecting my health and family, so I got out of it.
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