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WD45 Diesel

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What sort of money does a restored one of these command in N.America? Have just seen one for sale over here.
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I've seen them listed from $3500 to $5800. The latter one wasn't restored.
Thanks Bruce, I came home today and Rory Informed me he has sold the Nuffield 10/60. so may have to follow up this WD45 :roll:
Good luck on your quest. Hope it works out for you. :D
The restored ones I've seen going for up around $8 to $10,000 with the Budda diesel.
Restored with a gas engine go for about $3500. Ready to restore Diesels I see go for $3500 to $5000.
Thanks boys, at those sort of prices + shipping, this one may be worth investigating .
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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