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What I need to sow?

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Need to seed grass or something that grows fast in my chicken yard. what you recemend for this .its about 50 X 25..when do I need to do it?
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From the Ky master gardener manual "chances of success [seeding grass] are good when seeding during late August and September, fair during late February or early March, and very poor from mid-spring to August.
Ky 31 fescue is recommended for high traffic areas. they recommend some of the new perennial ryegrasses for a quick establishment.
of course you can always add some annual rygrass or other cereal grains.
I like Ky 31 but will take to long..I want something for this year..
It may depend upon your soil type. I have lots of red clay that jack frosts easily. If it is sowed in the fall, an early hard freeze will push the grass out of the ground and kill it. I had a very beautiful pasture addition and stand of grass on it one fall, and by the first week of December after a hard cold spell, I lost about 75% of it.

I prefer to plant on Late Feb. or early March and I mix fescue with oats. I mow the oats for hay, and the stubble will help prevent washing.

A good time to sow grass is right before a snow. It will come up when the ground temp warms enuff. DOT sows grass on road shoulders here year round, and usually mixes a little oats or rye in with it.
caseman said:
I like Ky 31 but will take to long..I want something for this year..

How 'bout mixing ryegrass with fescue?
Thats just what they recommend for high traffic areas.
add some clover for the chickens?
I agree with whats been said. Sow about half and half perennial ryegrass with some KY31, and/or bluegrass.
Sow it thick so it comes up like a carpet. The chickens will thin it out soon enough. I would do it late Feb. to
early April for our climate. Add about 20-25 lbs of lime to your soil for 25'x50'. Chickens will add fertilizer. ;)
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