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What model IH PLOW

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recently bought a Super A with a plow. Broke the plowshare and an trying to find out if anyone makes them or if there is any Nos. There is a serial number IH-512504RI.
Can anyone tell me what model I should be looking for parts for?



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Thanks Jim! Will do!
Good to know Bill, thank you. that explains why the number wasn't helping me.
Thank you, I am taking it off today so I will be sure look for it.
Here is what is on the back of the plowshare. Made by Moore and the part number. Haven't found a replacement yet but maybe this info will help others as well. Thanks to all who were so helpful.


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Thank you, I will keep watch for that. Found another plow exactly like mine in decent shape for $75 so I picked it up. I am also going to try and get the broken plowshare welded and see how that works.
That's what I was afraid of Jim, I had no idea there were this many plowshare morels and designs. At least with two I have some redundancy. My son is an ironworker and he said the share is cast steel and he can weld the broken one. That's good news if it works out.
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