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The front tires are predisposition utilize car tires on natively constructed edges. I utilized these in light of the fact that I happened to have them, and they're simple on the grass when making sharp turns. You can purchase 4 or 5 rib ag tires for the normal 16" 8N wheels that would work similarly also, or you can purchase new front edges in 14" or 15" sizes and whatever width you decide to fit the car feels worn out on your decision visit JDM. The 3 rib ag tires, particularly the 4.00 x 19" will in general leave checks in the turf when turning forcefully.

The back tires are Armstrong 14.9 x 24 turf tires mounted on 12 x 24 edges. This mix makes for a tire that is roughly a similar tallness as the first 8N tires, yet with much more width. They have made an amazing showing of giving great footing on the slopes I cut while leaving the grass plain. For cutting on genuinely firm, level ground, the ordinary ag tires appear to work fine and dandy. Turf style tires to fit the ordinary 28" 8N edges are likewise accessible from all the significant makers (Firestone, Goodyear, and so on).
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