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what's the ideal battery type/size for a '47 model B?

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I've got my '47 B up and running, and am ready to install a battery. The box looks to fit a battery of 12"x8"x8"tall (top of posts). What's recommended? Thanks
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My manual shows a set of 6v batteries in series. I'm not shooting for a concours restoration application, so a standard 12v battery will do. It's a 12v system otherwise. Just trying to go economical and simple for now. I'm heading over to my fleet supply store this weekend... I'll measure up either a car battery or similar... whatever'll fit and has the most CCA. Just thought there's enough B's and A's (electric start models) out there that there's a "standard" for what's ideal in this application. Anyone have suggestions? Thanks
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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