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Where do I put a Sawmill Post ??

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Went to an auction to check out this old mill. 54" inserted tooth blade. DeLoach mill, 42' long. Yep, I bought it... :? :?

Did I spell it right in the first comment ... :oops: :oops: Well it IS pretty old, pretty worn, pretty rough that I think about it, it ain't got nothing "pretty" at all.. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Part of the cab assembly showing the reverser...pull on the infeed control to go forward by driving on the inside of the outter circumference of the flat drive pully then reverse the carriage by pushing on the infeed control to move the friction drive to the small pulley inside the the flat drive. Confused ?? :? Its not you, its my poor description of the reverser...Sorry.

Well here it sits in all its glory, a 42 foot long mill to be loaded on a trailer with a 20 foot deck...Oh yeah, down a monstrous hill where its impossible to get the trailer to within 300 yards. Gonna hafta call a retreat and come back tomorrow with some tools....

Here's a better shot of the cab assembly. Poured in concrete too, doggone it !! :evil: :evil:

This is a better shot of the 14 foot carriage with two dogs. Like I said, pretty old, pretty worn, nothin' pretty at all...but hey, it's got POTENTIAL !!
Now if you aint too aggravated at all these pictures I'll post some more of how we got the bundle of rust home....That's a story in itself.. :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Right here is a good place for it and yes I want to see more pictures of it. thanks for posting it.. ;)
What a nonster you got to fight with. Waiting for the next set of pics.

You wrote the right word, POTENTIAL, the rest is just math.

Looking forward to seeing more and seeing it set back up also.
Westazur said:
You wrote the right word, POTENTIAL, the rest is just math.

My son always says when it ain't got nothin' else, that's when it has the most POTENTIAL !!! Doggone kids anyway :lol: :lol: :lol:
What a neat find. Can't wait to see it up and running!!!

Thats pretty neat!!!!! Our club has a sawmill and a planer they are amazing machines while they are running!!!!!
bertman said:
Thats pretty neat!!!!! Our club has a sawmill and a planer they are amazing machines while they are running!!!!!
I have managed to accumulate parts and pieces and even a complete mill or two and eventually will get one or more set up and functioning. My much older brother is the one with the knowledge as he got to run the old Fisher and Davis we had on the home place. Between the two of us, we should be able to get one running halfway decent. I've also got a 24" planer to rig to a flat belt and an edger thats 4' wide by 10' long or so.
Wendell, I was wondering about the comparison to the one on the home place as I was perusing this set of pictures. I do remem ber the '36 Buick that ran it. Actually, I had forgotten that our much older brother used to run that one. Don't think you were born yet when Uncle Chippo ran our much older brother's foot through the cable system.
I remember hearing the stories about the foot in the reel, but cannot tell you when it happened. The old one at the home place was a much better mill... It was a Fisher and Davis, was much heavier and could handle a lot larger logs. It had a 54" inserted tooth blade and three head blocks and three sets of dogs on the carriage. The carriage was a lot more substantial as well as the track. The track width was wider too which contributed to additional stability when cutting big stuff. I remember we'd run logs through that the blade would lack 4" to 6" of cutting through the butt end and Dad'd have to spilt the slabs off with the axe before carrying them across the carriage to the slab pile. We'd drop it 90 degrees and go again until all 4 sides were square, then start running lumber.

The old Buick I thought was a '34, but it could very well have been a '36. I remember the old "Straight Eight" howling with the straight pipe when Uncle Chippo would pull back the cable to the throttle. The 55 gallon barrel for an additional reservoir to the radiator would get so hot it would boil and they'd send me to the well house to bring milk cans full of cold water in the "milk-hack" to cool it back down.

Someday in the near future, I will get to start re-assembly of this fellow just to have another toy. Then I can really imitate Uncle Chippo !!! :lol: :lol: :lol: Great times, though at the time all I wanted to do was chase girls..... :cry: :cry: :cry:
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