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where do you come from

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im from janetville ontario canada l0b1k0 we have a 1105 285 265 165 massey 190xt and g allis 2 d cases ih cub ih super a 1200 david brown these are all used in season as we grow vegtables herbs and cut flowers
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Wendybird here from southeastern ohio. Living on a 30 year old farm that has a hammermill and big ole barn and farming equipment. Wondering if any of you all may have some information on where and how to sell this stuff. Thanks for any help.
Hello Wendybird, post them in the 'Classified' for sale section
I am from Coffs Harbour NSW Australia.
400mile up the coast from Sydney.
John here, from between Odessa and Ritzville Washington. Live surrounded by wheat fields.
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Central West Virginia now living in western Washington.
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Milton Ontario Canada west of Toronto
I live in Goodwin South Dakota it's in the northeast corner. I have a small 100 acre farm non working at the moment other than haying I bought it a year ago. I've got a case 870 agri King. A jd 3010 and my little John Deere model L which my dad bought just after wwll from the city of St. Louis it was being used as a city mower anyway hello all.......jason
i'm come from VietNam ,my Vietnam is a tropical country rich in beauty and hospitality.welcome to my country!!! :welcome:
I am from south Texas! I have mostly Farmalls, 1 Oliver, 1 MH, 1 AC,and 1 JD!
I am in Illinois,----middle of the state.
Originated in north central Illinois. Now in SW Michigan.
Hadn't seen this thread till now, I live near Harned Ky, west of Betty, north of Dave.
I herded semi's all over the US for 30 years but only moved 100 feet form where I was born.
Green roof is the house I was born in, brown roof is the house I live in.
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South central Iowa, Monroe county,,six miles from the closest paved road.
Living in Navas de Riofrio, a charming small village close to Riofrio Palace in the middle of Castile, 10km away from Segovia and 70 km away from Madrid.
Up from a lifetime on the coast near Corpus Christi to SW Gillespie County. Cotton country to sheep country. Good grief are they stupid! But friendly and easygoing...and entertaining....and tasty....
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