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who makes this Disc Harrow

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Does anyone know what model disc these are. I am guessing ford because I can find some blue paint under the red. Also does anyone know if i can get parts for it the person I bought it from must have continued to use it and I believe one of the gangs needs to be replaced.

Here are some photos.

and the busted gang

note how the one piece is completely worn from continual use being broken. the nut on the end to take it apart is also welded on

thank any info will be a great help!
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Can you find any marking at all on the bearing case, usually some logo or # somewhere....James
I cant find any markings on it or numbers on it, at least yet. After alot of searching on the internet i found this ... (NTC%20Use).pdf

And although mine is smaller, I think mine looks identical to it!
Well after some more research and a trip to the New Holland dealer the man at the dealer said that he is pretty sure it is a dearborn disc and that the parts are not available for it!!!oh no!!!!

Anyone have a clue on where to get old dearborn parts?

Thanks so much any help will be greatly appreciated!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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