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Why I became a Case Collector

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Thought I would share a pic/story about why I collect mainly Case stuff.
I grew up on a small tobacco farm in western KY.When I was younger we had cattle and raised some wheat and beans.
Our tractor herd consisted of the following : an 8n Ford, Model 55 Massey Harris Diesel Standard, a 130 Farmall and my favorite the Case 311b.
Like most farm kids I started driving tractors at a very young age.The triple range 311b was great for a young driver picking up hay or tobacco.In low range at idle it would creep along and with the foot throttle you could gas it on the ends or thin spots.With the hand clutch if I had to stop I could just pull it back until they hollered "GO!".It also has a foot clutch
For hauling out manure,transplanting tobacco,baling hay,combining wheat or beans,hauling in hay or tobacco and cultivating beans with the factory front mount cultivators it was the best choice we had.
Here is a pic of me on the 311b in the spring of 1972 at age 9.The tractor has a Case loader.Dad still has this tractor and it still runs like a top.

Here is my 311b I bought last year in Irvington,KY in non running condition for $700.The temporary snapper comet tank and aftermarket seat are no longer on the tractor.

And here's why I collect VA series Case tractors.I forgot about this and am editing my post.
I was given this VAC pedal tractor by the local Case dealer when I was very young.It had the front wheel broken off and the steering wheel was missing also.Dad bent a piece of strap iron into a U and welded it on,then mounted a wheel from a radio flyer wagon onto it.He also made the steering wheel.I had always planned on restoring it but I think I'll leave it like dad fixed it,since I have kind of specialized in collecting single front end Case tractors.I'll bet it is the only single front VAC pedal tractor around!!!
The VAC-14 single front tractor behind the pedal tractor is pretty rare.I have a copy of the factory build sheet and it came with this front end.Most VAC-14's were built with adjustable wide front ends.This one also has a double acting remote hydraulic valve with couplers for remote cylinder operation.Mr Harry Kline told me that the VAC-14's with single front ends were built for Sugar Beet farmers in the Northwest.He said since it is a low profile tractor that sugar beets and onions would be about the only crops it would have enough clearance for.The tractor came from Yakima Washington.Me and a friend drove out to get it.It was quite a trip!
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Thanks for sharing. My first tractor was a 310 B with triple range, i still got it and i`ve done a lot of work with it. ;)
Thanks for the history Nick. Great looking tractors. What kind of H.P. are they??
Nick enjoyed your story ,very ineresting . Thanks for sharing with us all .

Nick I think the pictures say it all. We all love what we started on and can never get enough of it.
The 300's were rated at about 34.4 belt hp.This one will be a little less as it was converted from gas to lp without raising the compression ratio like a factory lp.Having 12 forward and 3 reverse speeds makes these tractors able to do more work than similar sized tractors with less gear selections.
Thanks for the info Nick. Wish mine had more speeds at times.
Thanks so much enjoyed the story and pics!!!

Every time you look at this web site if you look up in the top left corner you will see the first tractor I ever drove ,it is Also the first tractor my dad ever drove and most of my kids . It is also the only tractor that has drove over me . I remember when I bought these few acres I told my dad I need a tractor to mow with . Dad said I know where theres a nice wd45 for sale worth the money ,I'm like dad I'm buying a case or nothing at all . Don't get me wrong I like all tractors but that little RC is the reason I have case tractors today.
Very sweet Richard. One ,maybe 2 tears fell.
Thanks for sharing that ,loved reading it.

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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