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William Helps Gandaddy Plow a Melon Patch

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With plowing producing a rougher ride than many other chores, William didn't want to ride for very long, but he still was in a hurry to get started. We finally have had enuff moisture to turn some ground, now we need some cold to pulverize it.

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Start them young and put them to work! :D
Good to see someone gettin' some seat time. ;) Way too wet for that around here.
Temps have been a preview of Springtime for the past few days, but the grouond is too muddy to do anything.
I have some low spots where it would be too wet to plow, but anything that laid fallow last year is just now starting to work good. We may have rain from tonight through Wed. morning then a turn back to normal temps. I still have some smaller garden spots to plow. I may leave them until It gets closer to planting time. William likes riding thetractor, but I don't think plowing with the Long was much fun as disking on the Kioti.
It just doesn' tseem that time of the year so soon
Like you Big Dave it is way to wet here for plowing.
Very nice pictures Jim, thanks for sharing! Be sure to update yours and William's status with this patch again come this summer!
Nothing better tan grandkids and tractors!!!You were having too much fun to call this work!!!!
I agree, it looks like Grandaddy was enjoying just as much as William...Looks like a great afternoon Jim.
Them's some good pictures Jim. Won't be to long till he'll be doing the plowing and you'll be the one taking the pictures.
William's mom took the pics. She REALLY needs to be on the tractor! :eek: So what ifn the rows are crooked. We kin plant more on 'em that way :!: :lol:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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