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Winter driving lessons.

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Growing up on a farm back when I was a kid ment you learned to drive at an early age. Usally first was a tractor then the farm truck and we even got to drive moms old stude a few times.
There never seemed to be a reason to drive after the fall crops were harvested except the tractor back to the wood lot and plowing the drive free of snow.
About 1960 or there abouts give or take a few days A friend up the road a piece got him self a car when his folks bought a new one. It was a 1955 Ford custom 4 dr baby blue and rust. He cut the top off then drove down to the farm to see if my brother and I wanted to go for a ride. He was about 4 years older than me and 6 years older than my brother.When all the kids in the area went to the same one room schoolhouse friends came at all ages.Of course we would love to take a ride on such a beautiful winter day.
First thing we went to the lake Where Ronnie decided we all could use some winter driving pratiac. I marvel today we didn't run over any fish shanties in our zeel to be come great winter drivers. We did the slides, the drifts and the donuts. While it was fun it just lacked some thing after a while. Went back to the house and picked up a set of skis and about 100 feet of baling twine. Shoot every farmer had 100 feet of baling twine laying around the barn. Back to the lake we went Where we took turns driving and sking behind the car. Was almost as much fun as water sking. Wonder we didn't hit any ice shanties . We soon tired of the going around the lake so took the road from the lake to some seldom traveled roads in the winter. One had just under gone a tranfermation for the old single track to a wide two lane road. Brush had been cleared way back from the road shoulder.
WoW some powder sking behind that old car, wonder we didn't take out some mail boxes. I must say being allowed to drive that old car in the winter made us all much better winter drivers.We used to gather several other friends at times with the old sleds, You know the ones with the steel runners and the handles bar to turn them. We would hook several on the back of the car with bailing twine and travel hither and youn behind that old car. Nothing like a moon lite night with the hoar frost gleaming in the head lites and sailing down the road in the car or on a sled. We played around with that old car till Ronnie got out of high school and bought a 1963 Pontiac Tempest convertable with money from the new job at the factory in town.
We still took that old Ford out some back then even. I think I was about 17 the last time I remember tearing up the lake with that old Ford. wondrer we didn't take out a fish shanty or two .

:D Al
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