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These three machines are up for sale in Central Wisconsin. I can try to get Serial Numbers on these if needed.
The 8N was last run 2009. The 9N runs and was parked last fall and stored for the winter.

I think the Allis is a WD that was converted to a 12v system 15 years ago. But it clearly has blown tires and the carburetor has a crack in it. It last ran in 2011.

There are 65MB of pictures in a zip file that I can send a link to

Ford 9N $1,000
Ford 8N $600 obo
Allis $700 obo
There are plenty of old implements also scattered around the farm (Quack digger, disc, corn cultivator, harrows) that could be thrown in. Pickup by buyer. Location between Green Bay and Wausau.
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