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one the way home from lunch with the wife passed a farm with a ford 1700 out front and some tables set up. that's practically a roadblock for me so I pulled in :)

most of the stuff was normal house-y stuff.. but I did find a nice old metal tool box , flip open top.. both sides open and has metal socket trays with lids the open up.. 2 decks.. box is a good 12" tall.

has a cast aluminum handle and hte mount hardware for it in the box.. apaprently the 4 old screws or rivits let go.. but they saved all the pieces.

box has the usual surface rust.. but nothing a scothbrite won't remove.

i think I'll sand it down and repaint and have a nice carry- tool box. it's got a deep tray in the bottom for large wrenches and a maul..e tc..

add your finds.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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