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A man is sitting at a bar crying over his drink.

A big burly truck driver walks in sees the drink and scoffs it down in one gulp.

The other man starts bawling terribly, the trucker says "relax I will buy you a replacement drink, and tell me why your crying"

The other says....

I woke up this morning and found out we had a power bump and it turned off the alarm clock and I was 4 hours late for work.

I tried to get dressed and fell out of the upstairs window.

I tried to get the car started and the battery was dead.

When I did get the car started and get to work I was 5 hours late for work.

When I went inside work the boss fired me for being late.

When I came outside with my personal effects, some one had stolen my car.

I got a taxi ride home and found the wife in bed with my best friend.

I came here to the bar to poison myself, and some truck driver just drank my poison and now I will be charged with manslaughter!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts