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Your toy haulers.

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I have had several. Some home made, the rest purchased. Right now I am working on a trade.

This is my mowing trailer. In the background is a deckover I had for about 6 months. It destroyed the springs on my 1 ton so I went to the one with the gooseneck ( more balanced when loaded).

This was a car trailer that I had made into a hay wagon for a town fair

This was a bumper hitch trailer that I made into a gooseneck so that I could rest the bucket above and have more implement room.

Current trailer that I had for the crawler. It is actually a trailer for a Bobcat. 65 inches between fenders. Trading it to a fellow that has the bottom picture.

This is what I may be hauling my JD 60 with.
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Kids & adults love riding in the hay wagons. :)
When I get my 60 back together I plan to use it for hauling hay wagons at the local fairs (people movers).

What do you use to move your equipment? Please post.
Just like tractors, one cannot have too many trailers. There is always a use for them.
14K 24' gooseneck w/ 4' dovetail and added 3rd ramp. Single hydraulic ramp to be added this summer :D

My new baby for smaller jobs. 7K 18' bumper hitch w/ 2' dovetail, metal floor, 3rd ramp, and brakes on both axles

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heres ours

big red and the gooseneck

we use this set-up to haul the family around at our local show

we use the ol pete when we run up to moon lake

we use this one for firewood and scrap iron
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Here's what we pull our toys around with. This is loaded with a friend's 8N Ford and my D14 Allis. 2005 Ram 2500 w/Cummins power. 25 foot (20' flat and 5' dove) pulls around our Deere and the Allis.

It's been known to have a 1945 John Deere H, a 1950 8N Ford, and a 1957 Allis Chalmers D14 loaded all at the same time. There wasn't an inch of that trailer that wasn't used but she pulled like a champ.
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here was mine for a long time and then I sold the little bus and use my truck

we do hayrides also

now I use my truck 93 Dodge 150 84000 auctual miles

more hay ride
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Always nice to see the customizations on the trailers, thankyou every one that is sharing.
Picked this one up a couple years ago. 18' tilt bed.

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LOVE the small trailer Wizard!~ I have a 4x8 box trailer a pal gave me, home built and needing an axle, has sides like yours, about 3' high. I think I'll get some chrome wheels with raised letter treads and paint it dark grey to match my pickup.
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Eric that bed you have is a pickup body for either a 1925-27 Model T Ford or 1928-31 Model A Ford.
That's Wizard's bed, mine has plywood sides with 1" angle supports. But yeah, thought Wizard's trailer looked familiar.
yep mine is a truck box off an early IH truck. didnt know it at the time i got it but for 25 bucks i couldnt pass it up. then after findin out it was an IH we had to paint it to match the H.ive got a an old (66-77) bronco rear seat that sets in the front of the wagon for the kids to sit on
That is a heck of a deal Wizzard. Those boxes in a car mag easily go for $2000.
Here's my trailer, Dad built it several years ago. Tandem axles, electric brakes, 16x6 deck. I added the triple 5' ramps to it just a couple years ago. The frame is 6"x2" tubing with 2" box tubing cross members 16" o.c. and 2" oak flooring. It also has an 12,000 warn winch mounted on the tongue.

Here it is in use a couple weeks ago behind my "new to me" 1999 F350, haulin' Dad's "new to him" Ford 3000 down to the farm.

I'm hopin in another couple years I can get me larger gooseneck where I can haul two or three tractors at a time.
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Yeah I like goose neck trailers. I may convert my current trailer I just received to a goose neck. I prefer to have the weight on both axles rather than a bumper hitch trying to lighten my steers.
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